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With the continued growth of renewable energy, wind power is one of the energy sources being promoted extensively worldwide. Weibo cares about the importance of sustainability. We take part in designing bearings for wind power generation. The new approach adopts a holistic concept in internal structure and dynamic forces that is nowhere to be seen yet.



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Internal Structure of Wind Turbine Nacelle



A hub incorporates three spherical roller bearing and position controller. It is a key component to holds the blades in their proper position to maximize aerodynamic efficiency.

wind farm

The yaw bearing carries the weight of the blades, a hub and the entire weight of the nacelle, including the heaviest gearbox, generator, and other mechanical parts of total 100~200 tons. It’s an engineering challenge which is where we come in. Take WBR-1700 for instance, our hydrostatic bearing is able to carry over 150 tons because the hydraulic oil film has incredible damping capacity that would maintain its thickness irrespective of the load and the speed. Therefore, the shaft is able to float and always remain non-contact with the bearing. If we apply this on the yam system, it can easily rotate.

Wind Turbine

Yaw System

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Hydrostatic Bearing Applications



Take WBR-1700 for example, the prices between same size traditional crossed roller bearing and hydrostatic bearing are almost the same. Sometimes hydrostatic bearings are even lower than traditional crossed roller bearings.


Hydrostatic bearing requires a hydraulic oil supply system to allow the oil to constantly circulate inside the bearing at all times which makes it rust-free.

Long lifespan

The most significant feature for the hydrostatic bearing is the floating bearing. It is non-contact and wear-free so the lifespan is almost infinity. Traditional bearings are consumable parts that often require maintenance and replacement. On the contrary, hydrostatic bearings do not which makes it a cost-effective option.

Low energy waste

Hydrostatic bearing requires a very low start-up force, meaning it can transfer the force into electric power with fewer energy wastes and a higher generation.

風力發電 Wind Turbine Application

風力發電 Wind Turbine Application

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