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Bearings ///



Surface grinders, cylindrical grinders, centerless grinders, rotary surface grinder, vertical grinders, bore grinders, wafer semiconductor grinders, CNC lathes, milling machine, boring machine, vertical machining centers (VMCs), vertical lathes, measuring machine, double columns machining center


Rotary Table

Rotary surface grinder, milling machine, vertical grinders, vertical lathes, boring machine, wafer semiconductor grinders, measuring machine, planetary diamond benches, wind energy bearings


Linear Guideway

Surface grinders, cylindrical grinders, milling machine, double columns machining center, wafer semiconductor grinders, vertical machining centers (VMCs), drum Lathe


Industrial Workpiece

Industrial Sectors

  • Industrial Workpiece:Eletronic and mechanic components, all kinds of shafts/ gears/ tools/ bearings, medical/ energy equipment, semiconductor devices, and even gems, etc.

  • Industrial Sectors:Aerospace, aviation, automotive, energy, electronics, semiconductor, molding, military and medical industry, etc.

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